Monday, 16 February 2015

We have movement onsite

It has been a long wait from when we first brought the land back in Feb 2014 to now bu finally something has started to happen on our site. Last week thanks to the excellent work by a close builder friend.

We had the 1m high retaining walls built on three of the boundaries that will eventually support the block and give us the level site we have been after.

From this:
01 Feb 2014

To this:
01 Feb 2015

To this:
14 Feb 2015

They look a bit strange at present as they have been engineered to be 15 degrees off vertical. Metricon were happy for us to do these either before or after construction, so it was a no brainier as to which would be easier, cheaper and quicker to build. The remaining retaining walls on the south boundary will be done after hand-over.

 15 degree slope on retaining wall

The site is now ready for Metricon to move in and do what they do best, the 1 meter cut and fill to level our block (as close as possible).

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  1. How exciting to be on the verge of site start! Your house is going to look amazing and what beautiful views of the forest you get to enjoy. Lucky you��

    I look forward to following your build.